About us

Dr. Anwuli Akwukwuma
Arubah Family Medical Center Limited (AFMCL) is a hospital setup to provide quality medical care that caters for the total health and wellbeing of families primarily resident in the Lekki area of Lagos state.
AFMCL is a 4-ward, 8-bed hospital with a fully functional laboratory, pharmacy, emergency room and operating theatre. The hospital provides a holistic approach to healthcare by providing services that engender healthy lifestyles and disease prevention, and treatment. AFMCL is a first class family medical centre with top rated personnel, headed by a family physician and well equipped to provide primary and secondary medical care to its clients.
AFMCL staff are experienced, empathetic and dedicated professionals led by Dr. Anwuli Akwukwuma, a Consultant family physician and an Occupational health expert with almost 20 years of postgraduate experience with some of the most notable hospitals in the country.


Clients are attended to by personnel whose character, competence and work ethics are of the highest standard.


All Arubah Family Medical Centre employees show compassion and demonstrate the highest levels of client focus.


At Arubah Family Medical Centre, we retain and nurture talent which makes our employees among the best at what they do.



“To cater for the total wellbeing of the family”


“To provide world class personalized, comprehensive healthcare for individuals and their families in a warm and friendly environment.”